16 Weeks In, My Pregnancy Journey So Far


16 Weeks In - My Pregnancy Journey So Far - BySarahRae.com I am an impatient person by nature. Sure, it's something I recognize and continuously try to remain mindful of but it doesn't change the fact that I find waiting for anything challenging. 16 weeks ago we were in London, the cycle in which I became pregnant began the morning of the Arsenal match. I didn't expect to fall pregnant so quickly, but that was effectively the day we stopped worrying about not trying to conceive.

I knew I was pregnant almost immediately. I stopped taking birth control pills almost immediately after we got married and have been doing my best to pay attention to my cycle and what happens to my body during each stage ever since. Things were immediately different. From the odd sensation that there were tiny Lego men hammering my uterus into shape to the ridiculous sensitivity of my breasts, I could tell something was up. It felt like it took forever just to reach the point where I could take a pregnancy test and expect accurate results. When that Tuesday finally arrived, there was no denying the second pink line that appeared. I waited a few more days, until when my period would actually be considered late (which it never is) and took a different test just to be sure, but the results were the same. We were thrilled and have been reveling in this blessing ever since.

Then it was more waiting. Doctor's don't schedule the first prenatal appointment until about the 8 week period. Before that we enjoyed Thanksgiving in Charleston with Rob's family. We told my parents the news before we left. Rob's family would be able to out me as soon as I didn't order a drink in Charleston so we knew we'd have to tell them as soon as we were all in the same room. Getting to tell people they're going to be Grandparents is fun. There were lots of hugs, smiles and even a little bit of hollering.

My early first trimester was marked mostly by my exhaustion. 9 pm rolled around and I could barely keep my eyes open. This was also when I experienced some brief bouts of nausea. I could keep the sick feeling at bay if I could manage to nibble something, but I'll admit that nibble usually came in the form of something pretty bland like crackers or if we were out french fries. There were plenty of moments that eating anything more complicated seemed impossible. Dry Cheerios became a staple. I'd keep a baggy in my purse and a box around the house at all times.

I found it hard during those first couple months to do much else besides make it through a day at work. I generally like to come home, cook something nice for dinner and do some more work on the laptop especially on nights that Rob works late. But it wasn't until about 2 weeks ago that I began to feel I had any energy left in the evenings. It's been nice to begin to feel a little more like myself again.

We've had three doctor's appointments so far and have gotten to catch a glimpse of our little Kurtan-babe twice. Another one is coming up on Tuesday. All of our tests have come back with good results and our little nugget seems to be developing very well. We have our 16 week appointment coming up this week.

Indigestion has become a constant companion but peppermint lozenges and ginger tea have helped me manage. I've also had some significant back pains, but I had a bad back before getting pregnant so that's not surprising. Walking, pre-natal yoga (here and here) and the newly discovered Baby Bells have helped me keep up some semblance of a workout routine and seem to be helping with the back pain.

My mother-in-law bought me a pair of maternity jeans for Christmas and I finally gave in and started rocking them last week. Some of my more stretchy jeans still fit OK and others are fine with a hair tie wrapped around the button hole. But I've pretty much been over all of my work pants since week 12 so I caved and purchased two pairs of these pants from Loft. (I had a gift card and everything was 40% off so it seemed silly to continue to suffer.)

I haven't had any weird cravings, but when I do think of something my cravings do seem more powerful. I wish I could say they've been healthy, but as an example I asked Rob to pick up some Oreos for me on his way home just the other night.

I've been enjoying a green smoothie or green juice most days for an easy infusion of fruits and veggies, trying to include veggies wherever I can and eating more dairy. Dairy and I usually don't get along but since getting pregnant I can't seem to get enough string cheese and yogurt and haven't had any issues. I've also been taking this prenatal vitamin every night before I go to bed. My only aversions seem to be cauliflower and mushrooms, but I think it's more of a texture thing.

The Bump app has been my daily go to. It provides a weekly update regarding how the baby is developing, including how big it's getting compared to a fruit or vegetable which is cute. I've also been consulting a few books like The Whole 9 Months and The Mindful Mom to Be.

We are going to find out what we're having so we're excited to reach that milestone in another four weeks or so. And hopefully it won't be too much longer until I start to feel a few wiggles.