A Perfect Holiday Dinner Cheese Board

Who says you can only put cured/dried/aged meats on our cheeseboards? Enough of that noise, let’s put some beef on ours.

You’re looking at a complete holiday meal, totally prepped ahead of time and laid out cheeseboard style.

A cheeseboard is one of my very favorite things to put together and I love to tuck into one too.

Perfect Holiday Dinner Board, like a cheese or charcuterie board but better because it's dinner, gluten free, christmas, new years eve | BySarahRae.com

It also happens to be gluten free, in case that matters to you or someone coming to your party.

Gluten Free Holiday Cheese Board perfect for dinner, stress free New Years Eve entertaining | BySarahRae.com

So what’s included in this smorgasbord?

Let’s start with the meat. It’s a pre-cooked, sous-vide sliced beef from Costco. This is the second time we’ve bought this product. The ingredients are minimal and it’s delicious. I also planned to include some shrimp, but the store we stopped by on the day of didn’t really have any. So we opted for some smoked salmon and no one minded.

The cheeses we used were a peppercorn brie, a tangy French blue cheese and a few wedges of manchego.

Mostly while Atti was napping I made some bacon-wrapped dates, crispy roasted potatoes, skillet crisped green beans (using gluten free breadcrumbs) and a horseradish dip. I also roasted a few heads of garlic. Everything just needed to be pulled out of the fridge a little bit before our friends arrived to warm up slightly before I arranged it all on the platter.

I whipped some thyme, parsley and chunky sea salt into some grass fed butter too. Some sliced apples, dehydrated persimmons, cashews and pumpkin seeds rounded everything out.

I had also made a jar of sweet and spicy pickled onions to go with this spread BUT I forgot it in the refrigerator! C'est la vie. But you should totally make a jar of these - I used this recipe as inspiration but I more or less halved it and added some smashed cloves of garlic and couple slices of jalapeños.

We used gluten free baguettes from Against the Grain and some gluten free flatbread crackers. It’s 2018, not that hard to swap out your usual carbs for gluten free ones. (Note - I am not gluten free (I love gluten) but someone who’d be enjoying this meal was and I’m happy to swap stuff out for my friends.)

Horseradish dip for a beef centered holiday cheese board that is epic enough to be dinner | BySarahRae.com

Also thank you to my friends who waited while I dragged my two DIY photo lights up from our basement so I could take some halfway decent photos of this masterpiece. I was pretty proud of how it turned out.

Friends digging into the epic holiday dinner cheeseboard | BySarahRae.com

You could easily scale this spread up or down depending on how many people you were looking to entertain. If your family couldn’t handle giving up a classic Christmas dinner, this would make a great lunch spread or fun way to mix things up on Christmas Eve. I’m also thinking of doing this again on New Years Eve. That way I’ll be able to enjoy the evening’s festivities and not spend it stressed about cooking (and ultimately cleaning.)