My Word for 2019


My word for 2019 | Authentic | Sparkler burning down |

It wasn’t the word I thought I would choose. I had essential running through my head for weeks before I actually sat down to work through what I wanted 2019 to look like. How I wanted to feel 365 days from now. The answer, I want to feel more like myself. I want to be more authentic in all areas of my life and what other people think, be damned.

You might not believe in astrology, but I find it a helpful tool in my personal development work. I was born on a day sometimes attributed to two different signs. Gemini and Cancer. Up until 2 months ago I would have told you I was way more of a Cancer than a Gemini. But then someone introduced me to this app called Co-Star that takes your birth data (date, location and time) and puts it up against actual NASA data to determine exactly where the stars were when you were born. It told me I’m straight up Gemini. (I’ve never had my chart actually read - something to do cross off the list in 2019 for sure.)

I’m sure you’re asking, why is this at all important Sarah? It brings me back to this idea of authenticity. Gemini’s are often associated with some negative traits that I’ve wanted to suppress in myself. They can be flaky, flighty and have their head way too high in the clouds. I always have a million ideas running through my brain and I struggle to finish a lot of projects. This new information about my cosmic placement made me realize I need to accept these parts of myself. I need to work with this shadow side and allow it to teach me.

In true Gemini fashion, I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire. Honestly I think it’s because I tend to work on so many projects at once that I’m ultimately able to finish anything. I get less bored when I have some options. I’ve been working on my natural tendency to try and multi-task everyday. I can get so much more accomplished when I focus on what’s in front of me. Even now I’m writing this from my actual desk in my actual office. If I hadn’t decided to come down here, sit my ass down and refuse all distractions, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to write this post.

I’m determined to grow career/business wise in 2019. I have a vision for my career and how I want to include work in my life. (Note I said include it in my life. not let it take over.) I’m also a little terrified of what this could require of me. I told a friend the other day that I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation. I told her I feel like I’m on fire and some layers are getting burned away. This transformation is going to require some effort.

This brings me to my ways of being for the year.

These five ways of being are going to help guide me as I work on being and becoming more authentic in 2019. The first one of these is brave. I know I will need to be brave to go after what I want and not worry about what others might think. I will need to be brave to throw off society’s expectations for how I’m supposed to operate and fit in.

My second way of being is open. I will be open to what the universe has to offer. I will be open to opportunities. I want to operate with an open heart. I will be loving and accepting of others.

My third way of being is abundant. I want to feel abundant, it’s really that simple. To me that looks like being able to contribute to my family on my own terms. It means being able to share and create good in the world. It also means practicing immense gratitude for what I have.

My fourth way of being is efficient. The only way I’m going to accomplish all the goals I have for 2019 is to be efficient. To focus on what’s in front of me. To eliminate distractions. I mean this in all areas of my life though, not just work. If I want my time with family and friends to be potent, I need to focus on them when we’re together and not let other distractions creep in there either.

My fifth way of being is to flourish. I will remember to take care of myself this year. I will grow and thrive in healthy, glowing, magical ways as I remember and unearth this authentic woman pushing to be unleashed.

Do you pick a word or theme for the year? I’d love to hear yours and cheer you on throughout 2019!

*Photo credit: Ethan Hoover on Unsplash