Face Masks & Sazeracs

Face Masks & Sazeracs | Beautycounter | Healthade | Ladies' Night | BySarahRae.com

I brought together four of my favorite (ahem , female owned) companies a week or so ago for a fun evening with some of my favorite ladies. It was high time I shared my favorite Beautycounter products with my girlfriends so I invited them over for an evening of face masks & cocktails. I knew I wanted to put a healthy twist on the drinks though. Enter kombucha cocktails. Health-Ade makes some really awesome kombucha flavors and I had an inkling they’d pair perfectly with a few of my favorite Tenth Ward Distilling Company spirits.

The rest of the evening came together seamlessly with a simple snack spread including a few varieties of Hippy Chic Hummus and a face mask station. I set out Beautycounter’s cleansing balm and balancing face mask with some of my favorite bamboo wash cloths. When the time came to tend to our skin, I got to share my favorite method for cleansing with an oil or balm.

You massage the oil/balm into your skin for at least a full minute - your skin will be so happy with the bit of extra love. Next, run a washcloth under hot water and wring it out. Gently place the washcloth over your face and let the heat perform a mini steam on your face. Repeat the mini steam process one or two more times. In this case we followed with masks, but if you’re not doing that you can skip to your toner/serum/moisturizer steps or whatever suits your fancy.

It was a little scary but mostly totally empowering to share a bit more about my journey to safer skincare products with people I care about. You can read a bit more about it here.

The kombucha cocktails were a total hit and the giggles inspired by a kitchen full of women wearing charcoal face masks simultaneously were amazing. I’m sharing all three of the cocktail recipes below.

Ginger Lemon Kombucha Sazerac

Face Masks and Sazeracs Ladies' Night | Ginger Lemon Kombucha Sazerac | Healthade Kombucha Cocktail | Tenth Ward Distilling Company | Absinthe | BySarahRae.com

This was my favorite cocktail of the evening. All three were delicious but this one was layered and sophisticated. I was also completely tickled because I made it for the Tenth Ward’s boss lady Monica (without having tried it before) and she love it!

  • Splash of Tenth Ward Distilling Company Absinthe

  • 1 oz. rye whiskey (not quite a full shot)

  • Health-Ade Ginger Lemon Kombucha

  • 1-2 dashes angostura bitters

Put a splash of absinthe in the bottom of a coupe glass. Pour in your rye whiskey. Add 1-2 dashes of bitters. Top everything with enough kombucha to fill the glass.

Spicy Kombucha Whisky-Rita


Perfect for anytime of year, but sipping this definitely had me ready for warm summer evenings in my backyard.

  • 1 shot (1.5 oz.) Tenth Ward Distilling Company’s Corn Whiskey

  • 4 oz. Jalapeno Kiwi Cucumber Health-Ade Kombucha

Add a shot of corn whiskey to a high ball glass and top with enough kombucha to fill the glass.

A Holiday Mule


This last one might sound a bit seasonal, but it’s really perfect all winter-long. Tenth Ward’s Holiday Liqueur pairs perfectly with Health-Ade’s Holiday Cheers kombucha. So many warming spices!!

  • ! shot (1.5 ounces) Tenth Ward’s Holiday Liqueur

  • 4 oz. Health-Ade Holiday Cheers Kombucha

  • Combine liqueur and kombucha in a glass with some ice.

Part of my why in this whole health coach, Beautycounter advocate, podcast co-host and women’s circle work I’m involved in is creating more opportunities and avenues for women to discover and do things that make them feel good. Whether that’s developing some healthier habits, swapping out their personal care products for less toxic options or pushing them to set aside time for activities that feed their soul. I hope to have a lot more of these self-care ladies’ nights and would love to help you plan one of your own. Shoot me an email if you’d be interested in hosting an evening of face masks & cocktails with your friends. (Note - you don’t have to be local to Frederick to work together on an event.)

*This post is not sponsored. I am a Beautycounter consultant so I do make a commission from any products you may purchase through my links but I am a true fan of their products and wouldn’t share if I didn’t think they were awesome.*