Rainbow Rice Noodle Salad


Have you ever felt underwhelmed by a salad? If you’re not raising your hand I have to assume you don’t eat many salads. And if you are raising your hand, know that you’re not alone. Salads can be so BORING. This is not one of those salads. Heck there are noodles in this salad! I made this epic bowl of nourishment for a photo shoot I had done a few months ago to get some new headshots and images for upcoming website changes, but I knew it was something I’d need to share here too. It was just too pretty to keep to myself.


So what are we looking at here? I call this a Rainbow Rice Noodle Salad. I love a classic Thai noodle salad, but I’m also constantly challenging myself to eat more vegetables. So I adjusted the ratios, made it more about the veggies and still got all the satisfaction of peanut-sauce-coated noodles.


The salad itself doesn’t call for a formal recipe. You could use whatever veggies you have on hand. The key to this salad is the addition of cooked rice noodles to the base. You can have your pasta and eat it too. The Thai peanut butter sauce (aka dressing) will also take any bowl full of veggies to the next level. (Scroll down for the recipe.)

But in case it helps, I used a base of mixed greens & rice noodles, steamed edamame, lightly steamed broccoli, chopped chicken, chopped red bell pepper and carrot ribbons (made with a vegetable peeler.)

Once the rice noodles were cooked I added them to a big bowl of greens and took my kitchen shears to the bowl to give to all a good chop. Seriously, try chopping a salad with scissors, it saves SO MUCH time.

rainbow rice noodle salad bowls | Thai peanut style dressing | BySarahRae.com

Simple Thai-style dressing

1/4 cup soy sauce or tamari
1/4 cup peanut butter (could easily sub in cashew, almond or sunflower butter depending on your dietary preferences)
3 tbsp honey
1 tbsp ground ginger
1/2 tbsp sesame oil

Add everything to a mason jar, screw the lid on and shake until well combined.


“Recipes” like this are the kind of meals I want everyone to feel empowered and inspired to make to fuel their everyday. Good food that also makes you feel good doesn’t have to be intimidating.


Photos were taken by the lovely Paula B.