My Favorite Ways to Boost My Water Intake Right Now

Sarah drinking water out of ceramic cup

Heat waves, summer days in the sun and a toddler who recently discovered a love of “running away” from her parents have left me feeling like I could up my water intake recently. I can easily tell when I’ve been falling under my body’s needs when I start to wake up in the wee morning hours completely parched and have a dry, crusty feeling in my nose.

Increasing our water consumption is one of the easiest things we can do when we’re feeling less than 100%. It’s like one of the first things they talk about in health coach school … is your client drinking enough water? Being thirsty is often mistaken for hunger and as our bodies are 50-70% water, it makes sense that we need a set amount in order to function optimally. For me, being dehydrated leads to more late night snacking than I’d like and leaves me feeling fairly sluggish. Not ideal.

So lately I’ve been employing a few things to help me increase my water intake. And bonus points that a few of these methods provide some extra vitamins and minerals .

First and foremost, I do want to share that when we’re at home we run our water through our Berkey Water Filter. If you are not familiar, Berkey Water Filters are some of the best water purification systems out there. A few years ago we used some of a tax return to invest in one and it’s been one of our favorite purchases to date. We immediately could taste a big difference in our water and once you get past the initial purchase, it’s super economical.

According to their website the Black Berkey Filters remove “203 contaminants including, but not limited to; viruses (99.999%), pathogenic bacteria (99.9999%), Chloramine (below lab detectable limit), trihalomethanes (99.8%), pharmaceuticals (99.9%), pesticides (below lab detectable limit) and heavy metals. (If you’re interested, see full list of removed contaminants here.)

Ok, so on to the taste-bud pleasing ways I’ve been making water a little more enticing …

Blueberry cucumber and mint infused water ingredients |

1.) Blueberry, cucumber and mint infused water

It’s not revolutionary or anything but it’s always a nice reminder that you can make your own flavored waters at home without the potential for added sweeteners or artificial stuff.

I like putting the blueberries and mint in a big pitcher first and very gently mushing them together with a wooden spoon before adding the some cucumber slices and topping everything with water.

2. Water Boosters

I was never a fan of Crystal Light or many of those other water sweeteners of yesteryear, but powdered water boosters have come a long way since then. Four Sigmatic’s Superfood Beauty Powder Mix and the lemon-lime flavor from LiquidIV have been my go-tos this summer.

Favorite Water Boosters August 2019 |

The Superfood Beauty Mix is tart, refreshing and full of skin-boosting vitamins and superfoods like tremella extract (helps skin retain moisture), biotin, vitamin c and schisandra extract (often referred to as the beauty adaptogen). If you’ve been considering giving Four Sigmatic’s superfood mushroom mixes a try (I also sweat by the Lion’s Mane elixir,) click here to get $10 off your first order.

I had heard LiquidIV mentioned on various podcasts for years but never thought to try it until I saw it on the shelves at my local Wegmans and thought it might be good to have something like this on hand during a recent bachelorette trip. Lemon lime was always my favorite flavor of Gatorade as a kid and these really hit the spot when you need some heavy duty hydration without all the artificial sweeteners and colors. (Just make sure you really mix it up before you start drinking.)

3. Sun Tea

Green Tea and Peach Sun Brewed Tea | Favorite Water Boosters |

I love brewing tea with the power of the sun. It makes me feel like I’m imbibing solar energy and always brings a smile to my face. I put some tea leaves (and maybe some fruit, like in the batch of Green + Peach Sun Tea pictured here) in a jar and set it out in my backyard for a few hours in the afternoon. Strain the leaves, pour over ice and enjoy!

4. In the Evening

I’ve shared this one on Instagram a few times, but most nights this has been my evening cocktail of choice.

Trace minerals zero proof cocktail | magnesium drink | favorite water boosters |

I add a scoop or packet of Natural Calm Magnesium Powder to a glass with 15-20 drops of the ConcenTrace Trace Minerals. I add a can of La Croix or some seltzer from our soda stream, stir and sip away.

Magnesium helps your muscles and nerves function properly, helps regulate blood sugar levels, is required for producing and storing energy and among MANY other things. And that’s in addition to the stress reducing properties. (Not to mention it can help keep you regular.) Adding additional trace minerals to your diet has a myriad of benefits to including improving bone and joint health, maintaining your pH balance and helping us better absorb vitamins.

5. Drink it all out of a great cup

The cup I’m holding in the photo at the beginning of this post is one of my favorites and always makes whatever I’m sipping feel more special. It’s a ceramic tumbler I got from this shop based in Portland. It gives me all sorts of west coast vibes. My recommendation, find a cup that makes you think of a favorite place or somewhere on your wanderlust list.

Now go forth and quench your thirst. Cheers!

**Oh and for all of my breastfeeding mama friends out there - Here are some extra tips for staying hydrated and Preventing Dehydration While Breastfeeding from my friends at Mom Loves Best"