My First Whole30 Days 1-7

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If you follow me on Instagram, you most likely already know this but I am tackling my very first Whole30 this month. After a summer of travel, fun and many delicious indulgences, Rob and I decided we could use a little reset. I’ve never tried an elimination diet before and I’m both excited and pretty nervous to see what comes of it.

As I continute to study with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am consistently reminded how important taking responsibility for our own health is. Food and our well being go hand-in-hand. And I’m talking physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Food is meant to be enjoyed and I’m excited to develop a deeper understanding of the foods that truly support my health and see which ones might not. On the flip side, I’m also pretty nervous to find out what foods might make me feel less than ideal. For better or worse, I’ve always been someone who prided herself on being able to eat everything. I generally don’t experience guilt when I indulge. Following the Whole30 could shift things and change is hard. Not that I’m going to start feeling guilty for enjoying food, but I will have a better understanding of how food affects me and I have a feeling ignorance is probably a bit more blissful.

If you are interested in more specifics regarding the Whole30 program, click here. The basic gist is you only eat meat, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats for 30 days. No alchocol, grains, dairy, legumes or sugar for 30 days. So far the sugar has been the hardest part for me. But I did survive a kids birthday party this past weekend complete with pizza and some absolutely amazing looking cupcakes and cookies. I don’t remember the last time I’ve let myself abstain from sweets. I felt pretty proud.

So onto what we actually ate the first week. I will preface this by saying - a little planning and meal prep have been key so far.


B - This Turkey Breakfast Skillet with some greens on the side

L - A salad with roasted chicken, blackberries, red onion, sliced almonds, fresh dill and some avocado oil & red wine vinegar for dressing

D - Korean Beef & Broccoli (no honey) with some cauliflower rice on the side


B - Leftover turkey breakfast skillet

L - leftover Korean Beef & Broccoli

D - Sheet pan shrimp & summer veggies with avocado


B - Chicken, brussels sprouts & apple breakfast hash with eggs

L - Whole30 perfect burger with sweet potato buns, guacamole and a side salad

D - Brussels sprout and mixed greens slaw (similar to this), roasted potatoes and some Aidels’ chicken sausage


B - Leftover brussels sprouts slaw, chicken sausage & a little roasted sweet potato

L - Meat stick, fruit, some nuts (lack of prep was a challenge here)

D - Salad with salmon, snow peas, red onion & red pepper from a local restaurant. Used Tessemae’s creamy avocado ranch dressing.


B - Breakfast meatloaf (This Whole30 approved ketchup is awesome.)

L - Stir fry with chicken, onions, carrots & mushrooms over cauliflower rice and a quick almond butter + coconut aminos sauce

D - Chipotle Whole30 approved salad bowl - greens, carnitas, fajita veggies, tomato salsa & guacamole


B - Breakfast meatloaf + half a yellow bell pepper with some ranch to dip it in

L - Leftover stir fry with chicken, onions, carrots & mushrooms over cauliflower rice and a quick almond butter + coconut aminos sauce

D - Pizza Skillet (recipe to come)


B - Brussels sprouts, potato & bacon hash with egg

L - Leftover pizza skillet and side salad with Tessemae’s Creamy Caesar dressing

D - Wings, roasted potatoes, pears & kale chips

Sarah Kurtanich