28 weeks in, my pregnancy journey so far


The 27 week Kurtanbump | BySarahRae.com It's crazy to think we're 2/3 of the way through this journey to grow our little Kurtan-babe. The last time I posted about my pregnancy journey my bump was barely visible, we hadn't discovered the gender and the little kicks and flutters had yet to become part of my routine.  My heart swells a little more every day and as much as I'm enjoying being pregnant, my natural impatience is still there and I absolutely cannot wait to meet this little nugget. As with my last update, I'm going to do my best to give it to you straight. It might be TMI for some so feel free to skip this one, more food posts will be up soon.

Happy Moments

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We found out it's a girl! All of the gender predictions had been split close to 50-50 before our 20-week appointment. I was pretty sure I knew. A week or so before the appointment, I had a very vivid dream where the baby actually birthed themselves by climbing out of my belly button and all I could do was witness as everything happened. There was no fear or pain in my dream just utter surprise. Eventually this baby was just chilling on my stomach looking up at me. (Still dreaming) I asked Rob if it was OK, he said yes and then I asked "well, what is it" and he said "it's a girl." At that point I woke up and felt pretty certain. My grandmother and one of Rob's aunts also had very strong feelings/premonitions on the subject.

We enjoyed a little babymoon in Sedona - read more about that here.

I love grabbing Rob's hand to lay it on my stomach when Baby K is kicking. I also ordered a pair of these and am enjoying building her a playlist of fun and favorite songs. We're pretty sure she's already a fan of Queen.

I traded in my trusty Scion XB (can you believe they don't make these anymore!) for a black Subaru Forester. We test drove a Toyota Highlander too, but the Forester won out. We were wooed by the oodles of safety features and excellent 4-wheel drive and OK, the heated steering wheel helped. It's a total Mom-mobile and I love it.


The indigestion has not relinquished at all. I don't understand how people deal with this for years on end! I continue to keep myself sane with sugar free lollipops and peppermint lozenges. If it's really bad, I'll down some digestive bitters.

Sooo ... as exciting as our 20 week appointment was we also left feeling a little deflated and apprehensive.  Everything was great with the baby, but I had what the doctor referred to as a low-lying placenta. Also known as placenta previa, mine was not an extreme case and the doctor assured me that it would correct itself. However to assist in this process I had to take it easy for 6 weeks. Like really easy, don't do anything that involves your abs easy. This meant a stop to my fairly regular exercise routine, I wasn't allowed to lift anything and no sex. Bummer, right!? Pregnancy hormones are a real thing people! I'm very happy to report however that we've had our follow up appointment and my placenta did move up to a more ideal position. As the doctor put it, all restrictions have been lifted. If I feel comfortable doing it, I can go for it. Whew!

I don't think I've ever blown my nose more in my entire life. Keeping it real people. My body seems to be producing an incredible amount of phlegm.

I'm still not sure if this qualifies as a pregnancy craving (Rob would say yes) but I've been digging me some banana bread. I was buying a slice from the cafe near my office most days so I whipped up this recipe recently and will be doing so again ASAP, so at least I can keep things sort of healthy.

The glucose test ... I had to down a clear, fruit punch flavored concoction. Not quite as bad as I had imagined, but not something I would want to repeat. It brought back memories of those squeeze-bottle drinks that had faces on them from my childhood. Anyone know what I'm talking about? We're still waiting on the results, fingers crossed I pass.

Other Updates

We began a hypnobirthing class. My desire to have a natural childbirth informed my choice of childbirth education class. We're four classes in and Rob & I are both enjoying it so far. I've done quite a bit of reading on the history of midwifery, childbirth and the current state of prenatal medicine and for me a natural childbirth simply feels right. This also led to our decision to add a doula to our birthing team.

The nesting has begun. We've updated all of our living room furniture and Rob's already got the crib and changing table dresser built :-). If you feel so inclined, much of my nursery inspiration gets added to this Pinterest board.

I'm doing my best to enjoy dressing the bump. I think I'll share a post or two on some of my maternity favorites soon.

Gender Reveal Confetti | 27 Week Pregnancy Update | BySarahRae.com

12 weeks to go and so much more to do to get ready for this little lady's arrival. Looking forward to a few baby showers in the coming weeks and doing lots more work on the nursery.