30 Practices in 30 Days

Specifically yoga or Pilates practices. My favorite local yoga studio, Ananda Shala Yoga & Pilates Studio is hosting a Spring Reboot Challenge from March 1 - 30 and after watching this video I signed up without a second thought. 551510_10205033009318255_8124212677752784303_n

To be very honest, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get to the studio 30 times in the next month, but I'm damned sure going to try. I need a new wellness challenge. After competing Tone It Up's Love Your Body Challenge last month, I've been searching for what to push myself with next.

Even if you aren't lucky enough to call Frederick home (I'm sure where you live is nice ... j/k!) there are lots of ways to get some yoga or Pilates in if you'd like to join me in my daily practice goal. Some of my favorite at-home options are YogaGlo and Blogilates. Or just try visiting your local studio a few more times than you usually do this month. Your body and mind will thank you.

If you're around this neck of the woods, why not sign up? You get your name on this super cool challenge board and apparently there are prizes! (They really did not pay me to write this, I'm just that excited.) It's only $50 for 30 classes, if you actually do all 30, that's less than $2 a class. Even if you only make it to 15 it's barely over $3 per.

I'll be posting regularly about my wellness adventure over on Instagram and I'll let you know how it's going weekly here on the blog.


This is what I've got penciled in for this week:

Sunday - Restorative Yoga at 6:30pm Monday - Pilates at 6 pm Tuesday - Hot Yoga at 6 am Wednesday - Yoga at 7 pm Thursday - Hot Yoga at 6 am Friday - Hot Yoga at 6 am Saturday - Home practice with YogaGlo and will double up on in-studio classes one day later in the month.

Here's to the many Oms I'll be chanting :-).