39+ Weeks In, My Pregnancy Journey So Far

Sarah and Rob Maternity Shoot | Pregnancy Journey | BySarahRae.com I've most likely had a few contractions while writing this post ;-). As the midwife said at my most recent appointment, I'm at the top of the hill I just need to start the roll down the other side. These last 9+ months have been an expansive, emotional, educational and truly incredible experience. I know how blessed we are to have been able to conceive and support this little life that is about to make her way into this world. But seriously, we can't wait to meet our girl!

Before things get a little crazy, I wanted to share one more little recap. This one goes on for a bit, so I completely understand if you want to skip it and wait for the next recipe.

Sarah Maternity Shoot | Pregnancy Journey | BySarahRae.com

Going Easy on Myself

I was working out fairly regularly before my 20-week anatomy scan, feeling great too. However, that placenta previa diagnosis (see my 28 week update) stopped that real quick. I feel like I was guided to soften into my pregnancy. After six weeks of short walks and only the gentlest of prenatal yoga, much of my previous strength and stamina had diminished. Once I was in the clear I lengthened my walks a bit and got a little more adventurous with my yoga practice, but I discovered that those activities were about all that my rapidly changing body wanted. And that's OK!

Much of my pregnancy has been about listening to my body and not judging myself. Not judging my expanding belly, not judging my cravings and not judging my slightly jigglier bits. I don't know what my body is going to look like or how I am going to feel after giving birth. I am going to do my best to remember what being pregnant felt like though. To remember how much joy the bump brought with it and how much awe I've felt experiencing it grow.

The Nursery

Aside from a rug and a few things I want to find to help display things like all her adorable headbands and knick knacks, I'm pretty pleased with how her room came together. It's a little bit of a hodge podge, but so is the rest of our house so it fits. Once we've settled in and picked up those finishing touches, I'll be sure to share some pictures.

Sarah & Rob Maternity Shoot 2 | Pregnancy Journey | BySarahRae.com

Getting dressed

I've mentioned this before but I am all for adding a few maternity items to your closet during pregnancy. And I don't mean the basics, I mean some cute, confidence boosting pieces that will have you feeling excited to get dressed. You're gonna have a bump, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't flaunt it. I've shared a few maternity looks here, here and here. Some of my top places to shop included Storq, ASOS Maternity and Pinkblush Maternity, but my favorite maternity fashion discovery has been Le Tote.

Le Tote is a clothing rental service that has a maternity department. It meant I could have a few new, on-trend, seasonally appropriate items at my disposal every month. And if I really fell in love with something I could purchase it at a discounted rate. I'd recommend this service to absolutely anyone who's pregnant or trying to streamline their closet. If you're interested, they're actually offering a special until July 23, you can take 25% off your first two months using the code '25OFF2'. Click here to take advantage of this deal.

Baby Showers

We were blessed with some wonderful baby showers and were happy to be able to share the excitement of Baby K with Rob's family & friends up in Pittsburgh, my family & our friends here in Frederick and with my super sweet team at work. We're going to have one very comfortable and well dressed Kurtanbabe on our hands.

A Little Scare

I've had a few questionable moments of high blood pressure. Up until well into my third trimester my blood pressure readings were great. But at the past few appointments  they'd take the reading with the unit that's built into the wall but it would come out weird, so they'd go and get a standalone cuff and everything would look fine. I have had some swelling (my left ring finger is naked and I have two pairs of shoes left that fit) and constant tingling in my left hand, but no headaches or vision changes.

At our 39 week appointment however the midwife did not like either reading she got, so over to the hospital I was sent. All of my tests came back normal and Baby K looked/sounded great on the monitor. It was an oddly calming experience though. Sure I was nervous that the tests would come back and say I had preeclampsia or something like that, but it was kind of practice run for when we go to the hospital for the real deal. The nurses were very pleasant, I didn't hate the hospital gown as much as I thought I would and now I know a little bit more about what to expect.

Sarah & Rob Maternity Shoot 3 | Pregnancy Journey | BySarahRae.com

Favorite Things

  • coconut oil/body serum - I thought I had escaped an itchy belly, but oh no. I've probably slathered my belly with more moisturizing product over the past couple weeks than I have in my entire life!
  • this body pillow - This has been my bedmate since the beginning and I don't know how I would have survived without it.
  • Belly Buds - It's been fun playing some favorite tunes for Baby K before bed.
  • the only sandals that still fit
  • watermelon - A suggestion from one of the midwives to help with the swelling. It's watermelon season, so I'm not complaining.
  • Yogaglo/Spinning Babies - My go to places to get a good stretch or flow on.

My Husband

Rob has been the most amazing partner and support during this pregnancy. I knew I picked a good one, but all of the foot rubs, sweet thoughts about what raising our daughter will be like and offers to pick up craving satisfying goodies have only driven it home. From diving right into hypnobirthing classes with me to keeping the fridge stocked with seltzer water, he has helped keep things low stress, fun and full of happy anticipation. May these maternity photos always be a reminder of this special chapter of our shared life.

Sarah & Rob Maternity Shoot 4 | Pregnancy Journey | BySarahRae.com

*Photos were taken by the delightful and ever-so-talented Emily Gude.*

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