9 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice


Flower Crown | 9 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice | BySarahRae.com Summer officially begins on Wednesday, who's excited?! This changing of the seasons also happens to mark a fairly significant milestone in my own life, I turn 30 on June 21. I've always been happy to make a big deal out of this solstice. Very often coinciding with the first day of summer, my childhood birthday parties almost always included many leaps through the backyard sprinkler and waiting for dark to finally fall so we could chase fireflies. As an adult, I've enjoyed celebrating with stuff like a yoga mala (108 sun salutations) under the sun and a great seasonal meal or two. And I still marvel at fireflies.

Here are some of my favorite ways to mark the summer solstice:

  1. Get outside! For the love of all that is holy make sure you get to spend some time outside today. It the most sunlight you'll have all year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere.)
  2. Wear flowers. In your hair, on your clothes, everywhere!
  3. Do some yoga or meditate a bit. I'll probably opt for a meditation #35weekspreggo (one of these should do the trick) but a few sun salutations or invigorating morning flow will feel awesome on this solstice morning.
  4. Make sun tea. Put 3-4 tea bags in a mason jar filled with water and set it outside in the morning. Allow the sun to warm the water and the tea will naturally steep throughout the day. Drink it in the evening and soak up all those great solar vibes.
  5. Eat seasonally. This is the most exciting time of year for fresh produce, take advantage of it! Make a fresh salad with watermelon, tomatoes and sweet corn. Fire up the grill and line up a mix of colorful kabobs filled with summer squash, zucchini, peppers and onions. Set out bowls of fresh herbs and maybe some goat cheese and sprinkle both generously over anything and everything.
  6. Do something fun with friends/loved ones.
  7. Get wet. Start a water balloon fight, do a canon ball into the pool or run through a sprinkler.
  8. Build a fire. Duh, s'mores!
  9. Keep an eye out for fireflies.

On the "woo-woo scale" some of you may find this a little too high up there, and that's totally OK! I'll be back tomorrow with a popsicle recipe. But for anyone who likes staying even a little in tune with the seasons, nature and their own internal rhythms, hopefully something on this list resonates and inspires you.

Shout out to my girl Sando for the lovely shot of me in a Bend in the River Farms flower crown.

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