A Guinness & Green St. Patty's Day Menu

I don't think I've mentioned it in quite a while, but for most of the past 2.5+ years I've been cooking for a group of friends on Tuesday nights. The tradition started when some of these friends and I got it in our heads to start a band. The first attempt fizzled very quickly, but some great and memorable meals came out of those half a dozen "rehearsals." The second iteration (which I still have my fingers crossed we'll pull off someday) was an attempt at an Ace of Base cover band. (If you try to tell me you're not a fan, you're only lying to yourself ;-).) We've always met on Tuesdays and I always want to cook. This is where Sriracha Burgers were first experienced and why I've got a recipe for Pad Thai memorized. I so look forward to Tuesday nights with these friends (and Rob) who let me create these outrageous spreads and take until 9 pm doing it, really just so I can photograph and tell the internet about it ;-). Last night was one of those nights, granted the dinner portion was done at a slightly more reasonable hour, we did dig into dessert right before 10 pm. Luckily Guinness Chocolate Cake is worth a little bit of a wait.

What did I serve?

To start we noshed on some oven fries and Guinness Cheese Dip. I've made this dip for the past three years, it's just that good. I see no reason to switch recipes now.

Oven Fries and Guinness Cheese Dip

  (Full disclosure, I purchased frozen fries. Baking my own would have just been to0 much on this particular evening. And the reason there's no up-close and personal shot of my dip is that because I used a porter cheddar and not white cheddar like the recipe suggests, my dip turned out a slightly unappetizing shade. I promise it's delicious though or my guys wouldn't have eaten it.)

Oven Fries and Guinness Cheese Dip

For the green, I let Martha help me out with this recipe for Fettuccine with parsley pesto. I'm currently reading An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler (which is fantastic and I know I'm late to the party on this one) and just this afternoon I got to the chapter about herbs. After this pasta, I'm really starting to understand why Adler thinks it really belongs in every meal. I'm glad I filled everyone up on potatoes because I am pumped for these leftovers.

Fettuccine with parsley pesto 1

I actually just realized that I forgot to add the lemon juice to the pesto. Oh well!

Fettuccine with parsley pesto 2

Dessert was a bit of a long shot, but I don't have to stick with tried and true recipes with my Tuesday night gang (thank goodness!) This Guinness Chocolate Cake was just screaming at me from Pinterest the other day. Oh this thing is dreamy! I couldn't manage to wait for the chocolatey dome to completely cool, which is why my frosting is a little melty in the photo, but umm ... I don't really care, I got to eat cake!

Guinness Chocolate Cake

I bought a four pack of tall Guinness cans for this food project, but really only needed one for the meal. Just FYI because I'm sure you'd want to know that your "while cooking beverage" will be both taken care of and festive.

If you're planning a slightly more low-key St. Patty's day celebration (it is on that day that falls right before Monday "womp"), I highly recommend this fairly simple spread. I'd say the recipes for the dip and pasta would serve about 5 hungry people and you could definitely irk 10 healthy slices out of a 10" cake.

Have you even made plans for Saint Patrick's Day yet? Think you'll stay in or could you not possibly fathom missing out on the more traditional festivities?