A little gift guide (aka wishlist)


Gift Guide 2015 So I may be a little behind the 8-ball with the holidays officially starting tonight with Hanukkah. But just in case any of you are also last minute procrastinators and because I'm pretty sure my Mom reads this (hi Mom!) I figured this may come in handy. These are a few of the things on my wishlist this year, feel free to borrow any ideas if you're still in need of a gift for any foodie, health conscious, semi-bohemian, and/or wanderlust crazy friends or family :-). Meditation Pillow | Asics | Subscription to Edible DC | Make Your Own Diet Rules | Moon Chime | Moon Child Pillows | Moon Phases Calendar | A trip somewhere, Austin could be cool. (Update, Rob and I actually gifted each other/ourselves with a trip to New Orleans!!) | A trip to a 2015 Wanderlust Festival - this is probably one of those presents you buy for yourself | Do All Things With Love Sweatshirt

(And just in case you were wondering, no, none of these are affiliate links. All just things I've admired :-).