A little Tuesday night fun

It's not very often nowadays that my concern for a good night's sleep gets tossed aside. At least not on a weeknight. Last Tuesday however, was one of those exceptions. The bf and I headed down to Fells Point in Baltimore to support a friend and her band, Survival Society. Our friend is the super awesome bassist. They were playing at the 8x10 as part of a local band showcase presented by Bridging The Music. While we were very excited to get to the venue and listen to some tunes, we were also excited to get to have dinner at local favorite, The Abbey Burger Bistro. Anywhere that has a burger order form that looks like this is totally awesome in my book.

Also awesome, crab dip covered tater tots.

Abbey Bistro Burger Crab Tater Tots

Rob ordered a standard black angus burger on a classic bun with Guinness cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, and sauteed onions.

Abbey Burger Bistro Burger

My order was a smoked angus burger with gran queso cheese (a Wisconsin manchego), an onion ring, fried egg, white truffle oil and chipotle mayonnaise on the classic toasted bun. It was glorious.

Smoked Angus Abbey Bistro burger

Abbey Bistro Burger and sweet potato fries

Abbey Bistro Burger sign

After thoroughly enjoying dinner it was time for some music. We got there just in time to hear the end of the second band's set and Survival Society was up next.

Bridging the music showcase band line-up

Survivial Society at the 8x10

It was a late Tuesday night but completely worth all of the extra yawns on Wednesday.