a recipe I can't stop repeating

There are two dishes I have absolutely no power to resist when eating out. The first is Coconut Shrimp ... but I'm not referring to just any coconut battered crustaceans. On the rare occasion that I find myself at a Red Lobster (or decide that it's been to long and I need my fix of fried tropical amazingness so I order take out) I will order nothing else. I know it's not good for me, but I just can not care. No other coconut shrimp has really ever compared (except here) and I've never been served pina colada dipping sauce anywhere else. I do feel a little embarrassed, admitting to you all that Red Lobster is the only place I can get one of my favorite foods, but it's true and if you've tried them (and you like that sort of thing) you understand. I have learned to make lighter coconut shrimp at home to keep myself from indulging too often. Once I've perfected it (and a pina colada flavored dipping sauce) you all will be the first to know.

The second, is Pad Thai. I really struggle to order anything else when I find myself at a Thai restaurant. I want to try new things, but more often than not that's an adventure the boyfriend gets to take alone (and I just sample some of whatever he gets.) In effort to prevent myself from going broke, ordering the noodle dish from the Thai restaurant right across the street from my apartment building everyday, I learned how to make it myself.

This recipe from Big Girls Small Kitchen could not be easier. You get all the wonderful flavor without having to worry about hard to find ingredients. Someday I would love to travel to Thailand and learn how to make authentic Pad Thai, but for now this recipe fulfills my cravings every time.

pad thai bowls

The recipe makes enough for two, which is perfect since the boyfriend is a big fan of this meal as well.  Actually, everyone I've made this for has loved it. Some of the members of my little Tuesday dinner gang had actually never had Pad Thai before I made this for them, now it's requested at least once a month.

pad thai

I usually enjoy mine with all the fixings pictured below while Rob usually avoids the crushed peanuts. The only other Pad Thai topping that isn't pictured is the Sriracha, which is probably the most important one. :-)

pad thai toppings: lime, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts