A Ri"pickle"ous Salad

OK, so my Dad came up with that name when I was telling my family about this awesome salad I threw together that had pickles on it. He's got a knack for making up words. You know from yesterday that a few fellow bloggers  were lucky enough to experience a certain "Pickle Madness Salad" from Sweet Green in DC. I wasn't going to experience it first hand, so I had to improvise (and throw an extra pickle flavor in for good measure). I promised I would let you guys in on what went into my first pickle-topped salad, so here ya go :-).

• some roughly chopped red swiss chard leaves • a lot of baby spinach • some halved cherry tomatoes • chopped cucumbers • avocado • cooked chickpeas           • Jalapeno dill pickles • bread & butter pickles • and a dressing made with some cucumber and basil muddled together and then mixed with a little greek yogurt

The Ri"pickle"ous Salad

This thing was quite a beast, and those pickles really provided some serious pops of flavor as I was making my way through all this healthfulness. If you try this pickle salad thing, please be sure to let me know how you like it :-).