A simple Valentine's Garland

OK, so I made something that's not edible ... but it is cute.

Love Garland

I like to think of myself as creative, and though my crafting skills could use some work, (and most of my creativity tends to get used up in the kitchen) I like trying to make little things like this garland now and then. The manilla mail tags are probably some of my favorite things and sparkly letters and kitchen twine are something everyone should have on hand at all times, don't you think?

Love Garland close-up

I actually purchased all of the materials for different reasons but the tags were purchased from an office supply store, the glitter letters from a craft store, and the kitchen twine was picked up at the grocery store. I put the letters on the tags first, then laid them out in order and tied them to the twine. It did take a little finagling of the knots to get all the tags to hang correctly, and it was easier to do once I had the garland up. I've got this little guy strung from a mantle and it's a nice reminder of the upcoming holiday.

Love Garland 2

Will you be doing any decorating for Valentine's Day?