A Startup Story

I am a fledgling entrepreneur. My little business really only launched about 4 months ago and the trip that inspired the business wasn't even a year ago. Why am I telling you this? I somewhat recently stumbled upon Young, Female, Entrepreneurs (YFE). It's this online platform for women in their 20s & 30s who are establishing and running their own businesses. Next week I will be attending/participating in their first online conference and in an effort to try and help us get to know each other even better before the event, YFE is having Blog It Week. They've given us a prompt for each day of the week that allows us to provide a bit more about ourselves than what we can post in a 140-character tweet.

Today YFE wants to hear our startup stories.

Taste Frederick Food Tours Logo

For those of you who may not know, I own Taste Frederick Food Tours. I give walking food and culture tours of historic downtown Frederick, MD. I went on a food tour of New York City's Greenwich Village this past January and just knew that something similar would succeed in my own hometown.

Once we were back from our visit to the Big Apple I actually tried Googling "how to start a food tour." No blog posts, or "how to-for dummies books" popped up in my search, but a company called Food Tour Pros did. It almost seemed too good to be true, there was a company in Chicago who specialized in helping people who sought to start their own food tour biz. With some help from the rents (who are both entrepreneurs themselves) I was able to make the investment in this course and in April went on my first trip to Chicago.

It proved to be an absolutely invaluable experience. The course was in April and by the end of June I was able to run my first few tours. This first tour season will be over in the middle of December, but I can't wait for the next. Combining my love of food and the city I call home with my long-lost interest in history has been more fun than I imagined.

Part of the reason I was able to get this business up and running so quickly was because I already had all the legal/tax-stuff taken care of. I had set up an LLC under my own name back in 2010 to cover some freelance jobs that I imagined I could turn into self-employment. I say imagined, because I wasn't quite ready then. I didn't have a real plan, and the right idea hadn't really presented itself yet. Luckily, my parents and our family accountant could see that all the passion I had would turn into something eventually. They are definitely a part of my "recipe for success," the YFE topic for tomorrow.

Any other YFEs out there who want to join in on this fun?!