A Weekend in New Orleans - Part 2


A Weekend in New Orleans Part 2 Did you know that when you leave a cemetery you should do so backwards and blow a kiss on the way out. Neither did I until I visited New Orleans. Apparently you walk out backwards so the spirits can see you're not talking about them when you leave and the kiss makes sure nothing leaves with you. Maybe this is just in New Orleans, but that is how our tour guide instructed us to leave St. Louis Cemetery #1 after our cemetery tour on day 2 of our weekend in the French Quarter.

You're probably thinking "umm Sarah, why didn't you guys take a food tour?" Valid question, and the short answer is I really wanted to see Marie Laveau's tomb. I find religion, religious history and superstitious stuff positively fascinating. Next time there will be a food tour.

Before the tour we did the thing that everyone, EVERYONE, must do when they visit New Orleans.

Cafe Du Monde Beignets

Oh yes ...

Cafe Du Monde

This well oiled machine churns out god knows how many beignets and coffees throughout the day, but what I really want to know is just how much powdered sugar they go through daily. (I also don't want to know because, you know, ignorance is bliss.)

Cafe Du Monde Coffee & Beignets

If you're eating beignets for breakfast though, get an order for yourself. We were a little hungover/ not thinking clearly and split an order, needless to say by the time our 2 hour cemetery tour was over we were more than ready for some sustenance.

Mother's Restaurant was our lunch destination that early afternoon and it was the perfect spot to stuff our empty stomachs.

Mother's Restaurant

We split a fried shrimp po' boy, a Famous Ferdi Special po' boy and some phenomenal red beans & rice. It was late night recovery food at its finest.

Mother's Shrimp Po Boy

Mother's Famous Ferdi Po Boy

Mother's Red Beans & Rice

Then it was obviously time for a nap. Between the prior evening's fun, the delicious lunch and our plans for the rest of the day we figured a little more shut eye was a good call.

Our luck would have it that our trip coincided with some of the first Mardi Gras parades of the season, including the one put on by Krewe de Vieux, known for their bawdy and often raunchy show. After resting up, we picked up two more large Styrofoam cups of frozen slushies from Fat Tuesday, a few ridiculously large strands of beads and claimed our parade viewing spot on Decatur Street. I'm not going to share any of the photos I took of the parades here, the two that actually came out decent are of large private parts or deities doing questionable things ;-). And really, it's something everyone should experience for themselves at least once, so I won't ruin your Mardi Gras imaginations with grainy photos. By the end of two parades, we were fairly well decked out in beads and had collected a few others things (like duct tape.)

Afterwards we waited out the crowds and grabbed a snack at a little diner right in the French Quarter, the Magnolia Grill. It was surprisingly really good. I'm not saying to seek this place out and it very well could have been the booze talking but it was the perfect place to grab a bowl of gumbo and a hurricane as we came down from the parade excitement.

A little bit of wandering around later, taking in all of the revelry that goes along with Mardi Gras parades, it was time for some music! Three Muses was enthusiastically recommended to us, for the food, for the drinks and the music. It was everything I had wanted from my New Orleans experience. The food and drinks were very good, but THE MUSIC!

Three Muses Band

I could have spent every night in this intimate restaurant and I hope to get the chance to go back and eat/drink more on future visits. My cocktail and the deviled eggs we shared were fantastic.

Three Muses Cocktail

Three Muses Deviled Eggs

After just letting the evening soak in for a bit we ordered two beers to go and headed back to the hotel. The crowd was still going strong (not surprisingly) but we were tuckered out. As we walked and the sounds of the fun faded we were already planning how we'd do our next trip to Mardi Gras.