A Wish List for Twenty-Six

There is a day during the month of June that I like to call my birthday :-). This time it'll be the 26th anniversary of my entrance to this world and I'm actually OK with this one. I'll still be another year away from those dreaded "upper-20s" and it'll means that before I get another year older, I'll be a married woman. 26 marks another big anniversary for me, it was right around the time I turned 25 that I officially gave my first food tour as the owner of Taste Frederick Food Tours (June 30 to be exact). Rob asked me last night what I wanted for my birthday and while I told him I didn't know then, the truth is I have given it a little thought. Hopefully he'll read this ;-).


I'd love a few more pretty things to help with pretty food photos for this here blog, I'm thinking (1) this butter dish (2) cute patterned bowls (3) more cute bowls and (4) and some dessert plates. The big ticket items feel like they've been on one wishlist or another for years. A girl can dream right? (5) Who doesn't want a Lo&Son's bag? (6) I used to love wearing a watch, always made me feel more sophisticated. (7) Fun fact, I've had my car for almost 4 years. When I bought it it had 11,000 miles on it. It still has less than 28,000 now. I'd love nothing more than to put even fewer miles on it over the next 4 years with a greener mode of transportation like this one. (8) No bike is complete without an adorable basket for all the goodies I'll need to tote around.

I've gifted myself a whirlwind trip to ALT NYC. (My birthday is actually the day after the event.) I could not be more excited. Martha please come and say hi, I'd also love to cross "being in the same room as you" off my bucket list.