Advice to My Younger Self

Have I told you all about #Blogtober yet? No? I'm trying to keep up with this cool initiative put together by the women of The DC Ladies blog. They're calling all Beltway area bloggers to take part by blogging everyday in October. They supply the prompts and we get the chance to connect and, if they're like me, get back into the swing of this blogging thing. OK so I'm already behind but I figure more posts than usual is better than none, right? Today's prompt asked if there is any advice I wish I could give to my younger self. The short answer, yes there is.20 year old Sarah

If I could go back and whisper into 18-year-old Sarah's ear, I would say that it's OK to change her mind, that she don't have to feel guilty about giving something a hard, honest try only to realize its not what she wanted. I would tell her to take things that seem impossible one day at a time and to listen to her body, it is her best barometer. I would tell her that broken hearts do heal and that girlfriends, good food and dancing help them heal faster. I would let her know that love will find her when she least expects it, so stop worrying about it and that everything will be OK in the end.

I would tell her that above all the universe has her back and that she is loved.