Alt NYC - the recap

I'm sure the messages and inspiration from last Thursdays event are still sinking in, but I didn't want to wait too much longer before trying to process my thoughts. Just a warning this is probably the longest post I've ever shared. If you're looking for some food, I promise I'll feed you tomorrow. First and foremost, Alt was an incredible experience and I'm still slightly in awe that I was lucky enough to attend. I've already signed up for  more of their online classes coming up in July. If you want to see what all the fun is about, check out the website.

My surface-level takeaways

- I probably printed too many business cards. I think I was under the impression I'd have more time to introduce myself to more of the attendees. Not that I didn't hand out a bunch of cards and received some absolutely lovely ones in return, but there was a nice emphasis on starting actual conversations, not really the speed-dating style of networking I've experienced before. (I'll be introducing you to some of the awesome ladies I had the pleasure of meeting in another post :-).)

Alt NYC Business Cards & Swag

- Use a large tote bag and then bring an extra one. Chances are you'll be sent home with some nice swag.

Justin Hackworth Photography

- Martha really is that luminous in person. I was a few rows back from the front, and I could still see the glow.

Justin Hackworth Photography

What's really revving my engines

From Grace Bonney's presentation on Surviving the Internet & Adapting to Change

Justin Hackworth Photography

- "Readers don't care about competition."

- We need to stop worrying about blazing a brand new path, there are already some pretty established paths. Try blazing your own version of a path and use little spins to keep you fresh and relevant.

- "The difference between a blog that succeeds and a blog that doesn't is investing." You need to save and invest for a future full of change.

- We need to share things that are real and important, just be sure you're OK with people editorializing it.

For the past 6 months (maybe more) there have been some ideas taking up a lot of room in the back of my mind. They're not all food related and will probably take a little more effort and money to produce. After her talk I realized that I just need to invest. There are some personal issues that I'm sure others have struggled with or could relate to as well. I feel compelled to be a little more open and honest about them. Grace also gave us a little homework that I'm eager and anxious to complete and will share in another post.

From Isabel Kallman of Alpha Mom

- First Things First by Franklin Covey is worth a read.

- There is a real difference between urgent & important.

From Valentine Freeman of the Ace Hotel

- Value that possibly only you believe in is OK, others will probably start to believe it too (her presentation was titled "Snake Oil")

- "There is vital importance in sharing beauty & good stories."

- "Amble towards the things that excite us."

 From Garance Doré's presentation "10 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started My Business."

(Aside from the fact that she's the most adorable woman ever.)

Justin Hackworth Photography

- "You are a business" (even if you think you're not)

- "What is your time worth?" (No really what is my time worth?!)

- "You can't do it all on your own"

- "Haters gonna hate"

- "No is not a bad word"

- Real relationships that are going to help your business are the most important.

I'm a business

So excited to GET TO WORK!