Are you a Baytriot?

I'm talking about Old Bay. The Taste of Baytriotism, a celebration of all things made better with Old Bay, is going on this week in Baltimore. I just so happened to be lucky enough to enjoy breakfast at one of the participating restaurants, Miss Shirley's in the Inner Harbor, this past Sunday. (It was the final celebration to cap off a fantastic long birthday weekend.) Old Bay Celebration Info

I'm always ready to fly my Old Bay flag and on Sunday I proudly showed my Baytriotism by ordering

The Spicy Shirley - Stoli Citrus, Green Tomato Slice, Pickled Okra, Peppers, Jalapenos, Celery, Peppadew, Lemon, Lime with an Old Bay Rim

Spicy Bloody Mary

The Crab Cristo - Jumbo Lump MD Crab Meat, Smoke Ham & Swiss Cheese, sandwiched in Savory French Toast, Deep Fried until crispy, drizzled with Creamy Honey Mustard & Citrus Aioli, Dusted with Powdered Sugar & Old Bay.

Miss Shirley's Crab Cristo

French toast, ham, cheese, lump crab

another shot of the crab cristo

I will admit, I have had this exact meal once before. I just could not bring myself to order anything other than this delicious monstrosity.

Boyfriend couldn't manage to order something different either and got the Sunrise Benedict with Poached Eggs & House-made Slow-Roasted Carolina Pulled Pork on Corn Bread Rounds with Collard Greens made with Tasso Ham & Cajun Hollandaise Sauce. This would have been what I ordered if Rob didn't.

eggs, corn bread, pulled pork, collard greens

another sunrise benedict photo