asparagus and a free baguette

This was in my Facebook newsfeed one Monday afternoon, "we want to give your week the jump start it needs! Stop into Firestone's Market before 6pm today, mention this post and you will be rewarded with a Free Baguette!" So obviously, I was headed there after work. I also treated myself to a bunch of fresh asparagus and a bottle of white wine.

And this was the good kind of asparagus, nice and skinny so no peeling required. Dinner was a happy task to throw together that night, but it would not have turned out half as tasty without my other local ingredient. I dipped some of my baguette and sauteed my asparagus (and other veggies) in some butter olive oil from Lebherz Oil & Vinegar Emporium.

All that was left was to cook up some whole wheat pasta and whip up a very quick "tomato sauce." My sauce just consisted of a diced red onion, which I sauteed in the pan after the asparagus was done and then reduced a can of diced tomatoes a bit and threw in some fresh garlic. So, so simple but my kitchen sure smelled incredible.

I even had enough asparagus and baguette leftover to whip up a nice breakfast the next morning. I prepared the asparagus the same way (I will never get sick of sauteed asparagus) and then cooked an egg over easy in the leftover butter olive oil. I was running a little late so I just threw everything in a Pyrex dish to take to work. The heat from the asparagus and egg actually warmed the baguette a little and the residual olive oil and runny egg yoke made a great pseudo sauce.

I love living on Market Street.