A belated Happy New Year! I certainly hope at only 8 days in, it's not too late for new year's sentiment. I still feel like I'm settling in to this new year and I'm still a little bummed to see 2012 go. The year marked a lot of big milestones including starting a business and getting engaged. Though if 2013 could mean some relief for those still in need after Sandy and possibly the beginnings of peace for those families in Connecticut, I'm more than happy to see it. Last year often felt like it was going at lightning speed. So much so, that I had to put a lot of things on the backburner. I feel like at least some of 2013 needs to be dedicated to the basics. Going back to the roots of things I've started and just working through them again to make sure they're the best I can make them before I move onto anything else. Does that even make sense?

I'd like to get back to the basics of blogging. I want to be a more consistent blogger, I want to make sure the design is good, and the photography and content are pleasing. I want to give this project more time.

I want to make sure my new business starts its second season on the best foot possible. I think this means going back to the beginning and reviewing all aspects and improving on what already exists. Then maybe we can think about the next product.

I'd like to continue to work on the roots of my relationship with Rob, we get this entire year to enjoy being engaged and we need to enjoy it. .

I'm aiming to develop a more consistent running/workout schedule. It is again really a matter of prioritizing.

I want to continue to hone my cooking skills. Most of the time my recipes are born out of a "kitchen sink" mindset and while I enjoy being able to throw together creative meals, I'd like to know I've got more of the basics backing up my dishes.

In an effort to get the ball rolling I wanted to share a little video. I recently took a knife skills class thanks to a gift certificate I'd been sitting on for almost a year. I'm sure everyone and their mother already knows this technique for chopping onions, but as I watched the instructor do this so effortlessly I couldn't help but let my jaw drop.

The trick? Keeping the root intact holds the onion together better than just your fingers alone can!

So I'd love to know what you are looking to accomplish in 2013!