Bring Summer to Work with a Desk Picnic


My desk at work is directly underneath a very large window. I am totally grateful for all of the natural light, but this window is at street level so I see a large number of people walk by everyday. This gets a little hard when summer rolls around. I want to be one of those people out there enjoying the sunshine. In an effort to keep my jealousy at bay, I dreamed up this little desk picnic spread. I could at least bring the flavors of summer into my work day. Summer Desk Picnic Spread 2 |

This post is in no way sponsored. This desk picnic was entirely driven by my love of snacks and letting my tastebuds guide me. The peaches and cherries were picked up at the farmers market. The lightly steamed green beans were leftover from dinner earlier in the week. The Miyoko's vegan cheese, crackers and Zevia cream soda came from our local food co-op. The dark chocolate peanut butter cups were from Trader Joe's and the hard boiled egg was for good measure.

Fruit, cheese & protein summer desk picnic |

Let's be honest this is basically an adult lunchable. Just enjoy it. Also enjoy that this is easy to customize depending on what's in season and easy to pull together on busy mornings. Steam any veggies and hard boil a few eggs at the beginning of the week and you're set.

Unpacking-the-summer-desk-picnic |

Don't forget a cute napkin to lay everything out on. It totally adds to the vibe.

Bring Summer Inside with a Desk Picnic |