Caring for Lavender Hair


I've had some shade of purple hair for more than four months now. It's probably high time I told you how I've managed to keep it lavender for 6+ weeks at a time and fairly healthy despite the harsh lightening process. More people should give fantasy colored hair a shot, it's so damn fun. I'm honestly thinking bubble gum pink for next Summer. 5SecondsApp

Thanks to the serendipity that is Instagram, I discovered Overtone. It's a line of (vegan) color depositing conditioners that are basically magic. I will repeat I've managed to maintain my lavender-ness for 6+ weeks without a visit to the salon! The first time around I purchased the pastel purple system but I found the daily conditioner didn't do as good a job of maintaining my color as I would have liked. The weekly conditioner worked perfectly though. So the second time around I bought the regular purple daily conditioner. It may have something to do with my hair, so if you're aiming for lavender I'd start with the pastel purple system and see how it works for you before going for the darker.

Pretty in purple in Charleston, SC

Aside from that groundbreaking product discovery a few more of my favorites have been this shampoo and this hair oil. I've also been trying to wash and heat style my hair as little as possible so dry shampoo has also been super important.

Dancing with lavender hair*Don't mind my bra sticking out in this photo, I was super in the moment dancing around to Footloose.

And just in case you're thinking of taking the awesome leap that is fantasy hair color and you live near Frederick, MD. My gal Jess works at a wonderful place called Structures Salon & Spa, just tell her Sarah sent you (wink wink.)

Bright purple hair at Wanderlust 108