Celebrating one year in business

One year ago this past Sunday, I gave my very first food tour. Thank you to the friends and family who came along for those first bumpy trips around Market Street. I couldn't have imagined even then how much joy this endeavor would bring me. It's become clear to me in the past couple weeks, that my journey as a small business owner is something else worth sharing. It feels like I learn something new about what it takes to be in business for myself every day. I've tried to take a few minutes to reflect on everything that's happened since June 30, 2012 and have come up with few things I will be working harder on in year two and beyond: - I will celebrate more of the little things (with cupcakes and champagne, obviously ;-))

cupcakes and champagne

- I will be more aware of my cash flow

- I will not be afraid to get some help

-I will remember to be brave (aka, I won't be afraid to ask for what I want, no isn't a bad word)

be brave

My job situation recently changed and I now have all the time in the world to devote to this business. I will no longer be referring to it as little, or the side project. Feeding people (food, knowledge, experiences, etc) is something I was meant to do. In the timeless words of Tim Gunn, it's time to "make it work!"

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