Chalkboard Hearts

I was perusing through the archives of Glitter Guide a week or two ago, and this photo from Catherine Sheppard's (of The Life Styled) house tour started singing DIY to me. I'd paint almost anything with chalkboard paint if I could. I plan on leaving these up permanently. When their not conveying sentimental notes, I see them displaying the menus and drink recipes of future parties as they're hung up right between our kitchen and little bar area.

chalkboard hearts

I found my wooden hearts at AC Moore, but I'd think most craft stores would sell something similar. (Mine where actually red, just in case you can't find plain wood ones.) Other supplies included chalkboard paint, foam brushes, twine, a hot glue and chalk. Nothing crazy.

before the chalkboard paint

It took three coats of paint to hide all of the red, but if you find wooden hearts, you'll probably be fine with two. Once everything was dry, I just cut a fairly short length of twine and hot glued it in a loop to the top back of the heart.

to hang up the chalkboard hearts

Now what should I chalkboard up next?

love chalkboard heart