Dinner for Two - Simple Salmon & Shredded Salad

As someone who likes to incorporate greens in their meals, I was thrilled when Rob mentioned he really liked collard greens. I tend to toss a few handfuls of baby spinach in everything since we usually have it on hand for smoothies, but when I saw a recipe for this Kale, Cabbage and Carrot Chopped Salad I knew it would be a great time to incorporate some collards. (The grocery store was also out of lacinato kale when I went shopping ;-).)

shredded salad

For the salmon, I purchased two tail pieces of sockeye salmon that together were a little more than half a pound. I simply set the oven to broil and drizzled both fillets with a little bit of high quality extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with a generous amount of freshly ground salt and pepper. (Make sure to spray your pan with cooking spray before placing the salmon on it.) Depending on the thickness of your fillets, you'll want to broil for about 10 minutes per 1". (My fish was done in about 11 minutes.) Once the fish was on the plate, I drizzled a bit of maple syrup on top to go with the maple sesame dressing of the salad. (You could also just reserve a little bit of the salad dressing to drizzle on the fish, I just didn't think that far ahead.)

simple salmon and shredded salad

 We had lots of salad leftovers, which kept very well. They made for a great lunch the next day as an interesting topping for some avocado toast.

simple salad and salad for two


Do you have any go-to weeknight meals?