Dinner Last Night

I didn't try to plate, light and snap any photos of it with my DSLR. I immediately served it to the three people hungrily waiting at the table. It was a nice change, and while I would have loved to get some great photos of the meal, I'm actually pretty comfortable sharing the iPhone photos I quickly snapped before digging in. It was really that good.

There were spicy black bean stuffed peppers and fried avocado and fish tacos (yes that means both were fried :-)).

fried tacos and stuffed peppers

For the fish I simply sliced up some thawed sea bass fillets and fried them in the same fashion as the avocado slices.

I served these tacos with flour tortillas, some shredded carrots and cabbage, sliced jalapenos, greek yogurt, mango salsa, cilantro and lime wedges. If this was dinner everyday, you would here no complaints from me.

The photos and recipes you see on this blog are all things I've made and actually ate. If that means that sometimes my photos aren't Pinterest-worthy, so be it. I'd rather still share all of the real-life deliciousness.