Friday Finds

Happy New Year! I'm sure I owe you a recipe or some sort of update on what my New Year's resolutions intention(s) are but we'll get to all that later. Today, I feel like sharing some things from around the web that have recently made me smile, made me think, made me sweat, got me excited and/or got me all nostalgic. Enjoy! spiking-hot-chocolate

Are you cold? Stay inside this weekend & make some marshmallows to go with your grown-up hot chocolate!

Most popular running songs of 2015

First photos from 'Fuller House' released! How many more days until I have to call in sick because I've caught a case of binge watching?

Brussels' official tourism industry is letting you ask locals why you should visit.

You probably know to ask yourself, “What do I want?” Here’s a way better question ...

The hubbie and I are heading to Aspen in a little less than a month so we've been attempting this workout as often as our bodies will allow. #hurtssogood

I discovered that my Audible credits can be used in my quest to learn French! (Have a commute? You and Audible should meet.)

The 10 most exciting healthy books to read in 2016

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