Game Night

As I mentioned in my last post, after our quick romantic dinner for two we were expecting guests for game night. Rob had been trying to get his hands on Cards Against Humanity ever since we played it on New Years Eve. Have you ever played? It's like Apples to Apples only, as the game suggests, for horrible people. Very much for adults and those who don't mind being politically incorrect.

cards against humanity

Thanks to a friend, we knew approximately five minutes after the game was back in stock, ordered it and invited friends over to play. No game night would be complete with out snacks, so I excitedly put together a little spread.

game night spread

I got to use a few of my newest kitchen accessories. A slate cheese board & a serving dish my Mom handed down.

slate cheese board spread

And just to make sure there was something to dip into between all the cheese, I opened up a jar of Blood Orange Fennel Tapenade. (That's what's in the middle of all the pretzel crisps and baguette slices.) Sounds weird, but so so good.

cheese & dip vehicles

Our friends arrived with adult beverages and a grand time ensued.

Have you played any good games recently, we're planning on making this a regular thing.