Give Them Champagne & Cake!


My weekly horoscope (a la the AstroTwins) tells me that now is a good time to invest a little time on those I hold most dear. Rather fitting with Valentine's Day coming up, don't you think? Any excuse to celebrate love is cool in my book (I own this t-shirt and wear it proudly.) And while I will be celebrating with my main squeeze come Feb 14, I also like to use the day to let some of my other favorite people how much they mean to me. Whether you're attached or not, Leslie Knope was 110% on point when she invented Galentines Day. If you're still looking for a sweet treat to gift your Galentine's here's an easy way to gift champagne & cake. Give them champagne & cake

You'll need ...

1 mug for every Galentine (I chose a plain white one and added heart designs with a gold sharpie) Paint pens/sharpies (if you'll be decorating the mugs yourself) Heart shaped sprinkles 1 small/personal sized bottle of champagne for each person vanilla cake mix gift bags, cute tissue paper, gift tags (I got mine from Target/Michael's) 1 snack sized ziplock bags for each person

Galentine's gift supplies

In each ziplock bag, add two heaping tablespoons of vanilla cake mix & 1-2 teaspoons of the sprinkles then seal tight.

If you're decorating the mugs yourself, doodle whatever your heart desires. I did a few gold hearts and then left room to write dry erase messages. Like the one pictured here.

When you're ready to put the whole thing together. Place a bottle of champagne inside each mug. Fill each gift bag with champagne, mug, 1 cake mix baggie and a note with instructions. (Mix two tablespoons champagne with cake mix in the mug & microwave for 60 seconds. Then enjoy the mug cake and the rest of your champagne.) (You could also include a dry erase marker if you want them to be able to write more mug messages.)

Be You tiful mug quote

Then get your gift bag decorating skills on.

Galentine's Day Gift Bag

And then let those Galentine's know just how awesome they are :-). Thanks to Google I found some wonderful Galentine's cards/printables (like the one below) over on