How I MacGyvered My Chalkboard Wedding Signs


I don't know how the rest of you feel about it, but June is my favorite month. It already had a leg up on all the others being my birthday month, but last year it also became the month that I got married. Needless to say, it's time to par-tay!! To start, I want to finally to share how I managed to make my own chalkboard wedding signs. IMG_6664

To start I downloaded what felt like 50 different (it was probably more like 10) wedding, "chalkboard," and symbol fonts. There are some great free ones here, here, here and here but there are plenty more just an easy Google search away.

Then came a few evenings spent in front of the computer (with a few glasses of wine.) My design experience is pretty limited, but plenty of Pinterest inspiration and lots of patience helped me create the designs. I have an older copy of the Adobe Creative Suite and used InDesign to make my signs, but Powerpoint, Pages or Keynote would probably work just as well.

I collected an assortment of frames from second hand stores and craft stores. Spray painted the frames gold and used this chalkboard spray paint on the glass/plastic. I was making directional signs like the photo above, a large chalkboard program (instead of printing lots of paper ones), decorative signs for the bar, a thank you sign and a few others.


I used a borrowed projector to push the image onto each frame. A chair, several cookbooks and other odds and ends helped me to align everything and put the projector at various levels when needed.

chalkboard wedding sign creation

This is when the fun really began. With varying widths of chalkboard paint pens (6mm, extra fine, 1mm) I sat down on my living room floor to watch what ended up being the entire first season of Once Upon A Time and got to work tracing each of my designs onto the frames. It was pretty smooth sailing after that, the hardest part was having to work through the arm and hand fatigue.

OK, so the set up wasn't exactly Pinterest perfect but the end most certainly justified the means. After all of the signs were complete and the arm cramping has subsided I really couldn't have been more pleased. They added the vintage, DIY look I wanted to the day and considering everything cost me well under $100 total, I think they turned out marvelously.

chalkboard wedding signs

Wedding photography by Nat Wongsaroj.