How I'm Prepping for 2014


2014-prep Happy December! Is anyone else thinking that the past 11 months went by really fast? Last December 2 I had been engaged for less than a month, still saying I had plenty of time to plan the wedding. Last December I was wrapping up my first season of food tours. Last December I was just so excited about everything 2012 had been, I didn't really do much to prepare myself for 2013. While much happened this year, I wish I had gone into this year with a little more direction. 2014 promises to be another big year and I plan to be ready.

I've decided to invest some of my time (and $, frankly to help me hold myself accountable) in several activities to help me jump start 2014 and enter the new year inspired.

Who's helping me:

I'm giving the Stratejoy Holiday Council a try. I think Molly Mahar had me at the word magical.

magical print

This little print came with a Birchbox a few months ago and I kept it somewhere I see it everyday. The word magical has just been resonating with me lately.

I purchased a set of Lara Casey's PowerSheets.

I'm going to be keeping it healthy with the Tone it Up girls all month. I don't want to fall into that "oh it's the holidays" trap. I want to indulge in a balanced way, so I can be happy about it and maybe even start 2014 a few pounds lighter. I really love following these girls, they're hilarious, beautiful and know what's up. I'll also throw it out there, if their plan looks good to you they are running a few Cyber Monday deals.

I'm also keeping a couple daily calendars handy to keep me present. While I want to start 2014 bright eyed and bushy tailed, there's still a whole month to go. Young Female Entrepreneurs has a great daily action calendar (I'm pretty pumped for December 8th's action, "watch Love Actually while you get some work done with your fellow YFE's) that you can download and print out here. I've also got Hilary Rushfords #StyleMeDecember calendar up next to my closet to keep me looking polished and festive.

What are you up to this month?