I Catered

My feet may hurt, I may still smell like hamburger grease, but I'd totally do it again. Last night, I catered my first event. A friend incredibly asked that I be the one to make the food for his 30-person event. I nervously and excitedly accepted.

Sarah in a cute apron

A wonderful lesson in time management and patience. I fully anticipated wanting to throw in the towel at about 2 pm yesterday (having started at about 3:30 pm on Sunday) but kitchen-fatigue never set in. I'm taking that as a sign :-).

dessert plate

The menu? The event was of a political nature, so a menu of classic Americana flavors lent itself nicely. I'm talking Baked Asparagus Fries with Tomato Bacon Jam, Classic Cheeseburger Sliders, BLT Crostini, Mini Blueberry Pies and Strawberry Shortcake Cookies.

BLT Crostini

From the feedback I received, I'd say the menu was a success. I'll be posting the recipes for the crostini, sliders and blueberry pies later this week. I'm much obliged to the ladies at Spoon Fork Bacon for their foolproof recipes for the fries and cookies.

Appetizer Spread

Photos courtesy of Lindsey Sherman.

The other lesson-learned? Don't ever forget your business cards (face palm).