I run

The forecast for my little part of the world today says it could get as warm as 55 degrees Fahrenheit today. For me this means a run is in order, no more hiding inside ;-).

running shoes

I like to call myself a recreational runner. and despite my wavering dedication ;-) (I sometimes struggle with motivation issues when its freezing outside), I have run six half marathons, and have four in my sights for this year.

Nike Women's Half in Washington, DC, April 28

Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon in Loudoun County, VA, Saturday June 1

Baltimore Half Marathon, Saturday October 13

Disney's Wine & Dine Half Marathon (we'll see about this one, but it is on my wish-list)

I really have no desire to run a full marathon anytime soon, though I like to think I'll want to conquer one eventually. For the most part, I run so I can enjoy food a little more and it's really the best stress-beater I've experienced.

Right now I'm working on getting my weekly mileage back up to a reasonable level and slowly working on my long runs. In a perfect world I'd be on the road three days a week with some yoga and strength training regularly sprinkled in between. Truthfully, I know how much better I feel when I'm working out regularly. You'd think clearer skin, sounder sleep, and better fitting clothes would be enough to get my butt in gear. As most of us know however, making yourself the priority is sometimes easier said than done.

At least today, we're getting a break from the bone-chilling weather and I can happily get a few miles in.

(I know I could easily run inside on a treadmill, but I really hate those things. I actually cancelled my gym membership just this month.)

Any other runners out there? Any tips for braving the cold weather? (I recognize it's only January and it could be cold for a few more months haha.)