I saw snow this weekend

I also ate the biggest $3.50 ice cream cone ever! This thing was a monster (and ironically called Monster Mash.) Seriously though, people were staring at me as I walked out with this beautiful tower of vanilla, Oreo and caramel goodness.

Penn State Creamery Monster Mash Ice Cream

In the 48 hours after Halloween I felt snow on my face, saw my first Target holiday commercial and felt the urge to go to Starbucks for a red cup. It's too soon Winter! I want a few more weeks of pretty leaves, fiery sunsets and (I can't believe I'm going to say this) things that are pumpkin flavored. Also, can someone explain to me this whole "basic" thing? I'm apparently old and out of touch and I don't get it.

This past weekend was full of collegiate nostalgia as the husband and I ventured to State College, PA for the Maryland v. PSU game on Saturday. The pining for my younger days began during a brief stop at a liquor store on Friday afternoon. Watching students purchase their carts full of cheap rum and jungle juice ingredients seriously made me miss college a little. There's a certain level of anticipation for weekend shenanigans that I think is reserved only for people under 23.

Later that same evening we dressed up as Marty McFly and Rosie the Riveter and started our evening with drinks that were the size of our heads and only $6. After more drinks at other bars the evening ended with taco bell. I'll remind you, I was reliving college. I also wish I could tell you that, that was my only trip to taco bell this past weekend but that would be a lie. It would also be a lie to say I was at all ashamed about my not one but two fourth meals. On the contrary it was glorious and now I'm set on eating fast food for at least five years.

Halloween 2014

Bar Bleu Fish Bowls

Saturday meant getting to don my new Maryland jersey (under a lot of layers but whatever) and watch the Terps eek out a win. It wasn't pretty but I'll take it. It was also the anniversary of when the hubby and I started dating #awwww.

red maryland jersey

Maryland band at Penn State

Sunday included a leisurely breakfast, a pretty ride home through some mountains, work around the house, more football and enjoying that extra hour. Not surprisingly I slept incredibly well last night :-).

How was your weekend and how did you enjoy your daylight savings time?