I'm not waiting

Happy Friday and a belated Happy November!

So what am I not waiting on today? Myself

Why am I letting my impatience get the best of me? Because I need to

Here's what I mean. Yesterday was November 1, that basically means the holidays are upon us and therefore it's basically 2013, at least that's how I think a lot of people tend to feel. This season gets so rushed with all of the obligations, shopping, partying and even working, that much of what we wanted to get done before the end of a given year just gets pushed aside. These plans and projects become the next year's resolutions and goals.

I'm refusing to do that, I'm not waiting until 2013 to keep working on myself and the plans and projects exciting me right now. I'm not waiting 59 more days just so I can feel like I"m starting fresh. I'm just going to start right now.

How did I start today? I got up and actually worked out. I'm not going to make a new year's resolution to lose the uncomfortable weight I want to, I'm just going to start taking the steps now. If you follow along on Instagram, you'll probably see a lot of photos of my running shoes. There may also be a few more veggie-heavy, healthy recipes around these parts.

I've got big plans for the tour biz. I'm not waiting for the end of this tour season to start working on the next.

I have a growing mine of ideas for potential new projects but I'm not waiting for each and every one to flesh itself out. I recently discovered The Middle Finger Project, and purchased the Clients + Cash program. I can't wait to start working through this.

How does the impending holiday season make you feel? Are there any projects you've been thinking of just putting off?