Iron Chef 2, Secret Ingredient: Cream Cheese

Another Friday, another weekend right in front of us. I'm happy to say my weekend will be a little more low-key than the past few (not so happy that it's probably because the boyfriend is headed to Pittsburgh for Easter). Last Saturday's second round of our now semi-monthly Iron Chef party was a bigger success than the first and I figured I'd share some shots of the tasty courses that were all created with cream cheese, the secret ingredient.

the full spread

cream cheese being mixed into a sauce

the base of one decadent dessert

taco prep

feta and spinach pinwheels

Spinach and feta pinwheels.

cream cheese on baguette

A take on bruschetta.

asparagus and steak each with their own cream cheese sauce

Asparagus and steak, each with their own cream cheese based sauce.

chicken, cream cheese and jicama tacos

Chicken and cream cheese tacos.

cream cheese, cookies, and berries

Milano Cookies, cream cheese, fresh berries and a berry reduction.

Brownies, cream cheese, berries and Girl Scout Cookies

Brownies, cream cheese, chocolate sauce, fresh berries, and Girl Scout cookies.

What have you got planned? If you're going to be around Frederick and need a little weekend inspiration, make sure to check out this article I wrote for the Examiner.