It's Friday, Let's Eat

Happy Friday to you all! Iron Chef 1 Menu

Hope you have some plans this weekend that involve some good grub. Right now my weekend menu is looking mighty fine. I'll be throwing together a batch of my mom's chicken noodle soup this evening and have plans to make a meatloaf and the next Food Matters Project Recipe on Sunday. Saturday afternoon is going to be full of eating some culinary masterpieces cooked up by friends. It is the second match-up of Iron Chef Frederick.

No, Iron Chef Frederick is in no way associated with the actual Iron Chef TV Show. It's just one of the best food-party ideas ever. (The other would be Secondgiving, hopefully that one's self-explanatory.) You see, some friends of mine magically live in a house with two kitchens and a lot of their friends like to cook. So why not pin two against each other in friendly competition every few months and enjoy a day full of food (and drink :-))? I was one of the competing cooks the first time around. My dishes are pictured above.

I am very proud to say that yours truly is the reigning champion from the first Iron Chef Frederick party.

Iron Chef 1 Trophy(Yes at the bottom it really does say "OMG WTF BBQ")

Non-food related activities will hopefully involve a long run on Saturday morning and my first visit to this extravaganza. (Actually I heard there would be artisan wood-fired pizzas and homemade donuts there too.) Sunday may  involve a visit to the driving range (my first of 2012). Do I think this will be the year that I finally get bitten by the golf bug? No, but I do enjoy the driving range, the weather is supposed to be pleasant and it will make the boyfriend happy.

boyfriend and I working in the kitchen during Iron Chef 1

What are your plans for the weekend? Planning on doing some cooking or heading out for a meal? Whatever you're doing, I hope it tastes good!