Kitchen Sink Summer Brunch

Weekend brunches are absolutely one of my favorite things and a few weekends ago I managed to throw a spread of breakfast nachos (a la Joy the Baker) and a summery adult beverage made by throwing a lot of leftover watermelon, a little lime juice and some vodka in a blender (and hoping for the best).

The nachos were topped with what I was lucky enough to have in the fridge. On this particular day that seems to have been salsa, black beans, avocado, frozen corn, feta cheese and some local eggs. The chips, black beans and corn were thrown in the oven for just a little bit and I cooked the eggs in a skillet before sliding them on top of the chips.

Individual breakfast nacho chip

Watermelon, Lime Juice & Vodka Beverage

The drink was good, but next time I'll pass it through a strainer and add the juice from more than one lime.

Do you have a favorite brunch dish? Or do you head out for brunch? Where's your favorite weekend breakfast and booze spot?