Last minute Valentine's dinner

I'm a procrastinator. It's something I struggle with everyday. All of the the to-do lists and calendars I love to keep only help so much. So if you've waited until the last minute to decide on what to do for your Valentine, I completely understand. We're busy, roses are expensive and we can't decide whether or not Valentine's day is too commercial. Even if that last point is true, cooking for your significant other is always romantic. Especially when there's wine and you can tell them what you made them is French ;-). I shared a last-minute menu over on Want2Dish today and I wanted to make sure all my fellow procrastinators knew about it too. Be sure to check out the recipes for Nutella Cheesecake Mousse and Croque Madame with simple salad.

Crouque Madame and slightly simple salad

There is no garlic (wouldn't want the food to get in the way of any kissing) but there is bacon, which we all know is among the sexiest of foods. If there isn't a special someone gather up your friends and make this for them and celebrate all that friend-love! The recipes are very easily multiplied.

Croque Madame

Happy early Valentine's Day! What are you doing to celebrate (or not celebrate)?

Nutella Cheesecake Mousse