Learning to make Pierogies

My future mother-in-law helped me cross something off my bucket list. She arranged for her mother to come spend some time on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving giving us all a lesson on pierogi making. Pierogi's and other Polish fare have long been staples at my family Christmases and Easter dinners. The cook in me has always wanted to try my hand at making them from scratch. While it is a bit of a process, having a few sets of hands and doing it assembly line style really make for a pretty painless process.

rolling out pierogi dough

Boiling pierogies

the fiance pulling pierogis out of the pot

Getting to learn this tradition together made it even more special.

taste testing pierogies

Then it came time to taste test! (Thank you to Rob for snapping this photo of me.)

plated pierogies

They turned out great!

I think I need a few more tries to really get the recipe and technique down pat, but once I do I'll be sure to share the recipe with you!

Is there a particular food that just makes the holidays for you? Is it something you know how to make or is it special because another family member always makes it?