Life Lately - Jan 2018


Well hello there 2018! This post has been marinating in my brain for some time, but thank you to all who answered my very first Instagram poll to give me the final kick in the pants. The last few months of 2017 went by in a magical, weird, time-continuum kind of blur that wasn't really a blur at all. It may be a phenomenon only new parents understand, but hopefully you get the idea.

All about Atti

Atti wearing white sunglasses

Atti will be six months old on Jan 21st. How can this girl already be half a year old?! Breastfeeding is still going strong, she got over her initial bottle refusal (thanks to her Dad) and is a very efficient little eater.

She recently transitioned to her own crib, which this Mom was not expecting to happen so quickly. Basically we went to Pittsburgh for New Years weekend. When we're there, she sleeps in a pack n' play and during our second day there she began completely rolling over in her sleep and that was the end of the bassinet. I definitely shed a few tears the first night and probably watched the monitor more than I slept, but it gets easier every night and knock on wood, she's sleeping well. AKA I'm getting a little more sleep and that is a HUGE deal.

There were a couple weeks around the time she turned four months old that we attempted to take away the pacifier. Ultimately there were too many tears for this Mama's comfort level. I was terrified it was going to become a sleep prop (thanks internet) but most of her wakeful nights seem to be more about gas/poop then not having the pacifier.

She has no issue rolling around and is getting really good at sitting up, she's also a huge fan of standing. She enjoys watching us cook in the kitchen, is starting to get a real feel for her jumper seat and our dog Chandler makes her giggle like nothing else. We're also convinced she's about to pop out some teeth and we've made a start with some real food. Let me know if you'd like me to post more about our home-made baby food adventures.

Finding Our New Normal

Kurtanich Family Kissing in Charleston

Giving Atti a bedtime and allowing ourselves a few hours each night to just be us was a huge step as we continue to discover our new normal. I'm getting back into my mostly-healthy cooking groove and loving it.

I've only just started reintroducing caffeine. I've never been a regular coffee drinker and only had decaf while I was pregnant so was kind of suspicious Atti might be a little extra sensitive to the stuff. I've had a few cups of matcha with my breakfast over the past week and all seems to be going well.

I haven't worried a ton about getting back into any sort of shape since Atti was born. Luckily Chandler guarantees at least a few walks a week. But with a snowboarding trip on the horizon I've felt a little more driven to build up a little more strength. My current goal is 3 workouts a week. Atti and I have been enjoying a Mommy and Me Yoga class most Sunday mornings and I'll squeeze in a few quick and effective Tone It Up workouts during the week.

Our current favorite things

Instant Pot (Sarah)

Activity Jumper (Atti)

Stance Socks (Rob)

BodyBrew Cold Brew Coffee System (Rob)

WubbaNubs (Atti) - the baby penguin in particular

Baby wearing vests (Sarah & Rob)

Little One's Sleep System (Sarah & Rob)

Studio TIU (Sarah)

Oat Mama Teas & Bars (Sarah)

Other Stuff

Taste Frederick Food Tours had a very strong finish to its fifth season and I'm excited to finally get around to creating some new products and updating our original tour. Tours will be back in April.

Did you know I co-host a podcast? It was the other thing I birthed in 2017. My co-host Sando & I are busy planning for the next "season" of The Mustache Mesa podcast and planning some IRL events as well.

We're getting ready for a trip to Colorado with the babe ... Any tips for traveling with a six month old?

If you actually made it to the end of this, you're one rad human. Here is one more cute photo of my child to thank you.

Atti smiling during tummy time