Lovely little cheese crackers

I made these last week as a surprise travel snack for Rob and I. The boy loves Cheez-Its (specifically the reduced fat kind, they actually taste better for some reason.)

Lovely Little Cheese Crackers

I used this recipe (thank you Pinterest :-)). Instead of rolling them out and cutting into squares, I just rolled them out on a floured surface and cut them out with the smallest heart shaped cookie cutter I could find. It is February after all. Not only is Valentine's Day coming up but it's Hearth Health Month too. Not that these little guys are specifically heart healthy or anything, I just like having a longer excuse to don hearts ;-). (And of course heart health is important.)

Heart Cookie Cutter

Crunchy, cheesy, and just a little spicy. These were a perfect snack during our marathon day of travel.

Cheese Cracker Work Station

Lovely little cheese crackers 2

Any favorite grocery store snacks you'd like to recreate at home? Any you already have?