My Favorite Non-Alcoholic Summer Sippers

After 9+ months, I've savored the 1.5 drinks I've gotten to swig since Atti was born. Her breast feeding schedule is still somewhat unpredictable though and we haven't tried introducing a bottle yet. So I'm still relying heavily on my favorite non-alcoholic sippers to keep me cool during these hot August days. Some I was a fan of before I became pregnant, others were discovered because I needed to nip my FOMO in the butt.

A booze free Summer cocktail for Sarah |

Thanks to the North Market Pop Shop I discovered a number of interesting sodas that were enjoyed both straight out of the bottle and poured into a number of booze-free cocktail mixes. My favorite is probably the Jasmine Tea Ginger Ale pictured above.

Seltzer in general was a godsend. La Croix, Polar Seltzer, straight from our Sodastream, it didn't matter. The bubbles were usually enough to satisfy me when flat water would not.

Rob and I spotted Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits on our trip to San Diego last year. I was so intrigued I chanced bringing a bottle back in my luggage (it amazingly survived.) Both varieties add a gin like quality to drinks. The Garden 108 is more herbal and the original lends warm, citrus notes.


I bee-lined it to Firestone's Market after they promoted they were stocking a few bottles of Ariel de-alcoholized wines. I purchased both and tried to keep my expectations in check. The Chardonnay was really not that far off from the real thing, the Cabernet Sauvignon however didn't really do it for me.

Shrub Cocktail at Firestone's Culinary Tavern |

I heard that the guy who developed Element Shrubs actually did so while his wife was pregnant! In case you don't know a shrub is essentially a drinking vinegar. Sweet and acidic they add tremendous complexity and flavor to drinks. I picked up a bottle of the Honeydew Jalapeno flavor and thoroughly enjoyed it. A friend also said it made a good marinade for shrimp.

Also shout out to Firestone's Raw Bar/Culinary Tavern for their house made shrubs and shrub cocktails.


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