pretty produce

Wow, I've been a little absent here, haven't I? My bad. There's a lot on the plate these days. Which hasn't left a lot of time for cooking things to fill actual plates or even going out to let someone else feed me.

What's taking up so much of my time these days? Well, I'm doing a bit of the midnight hustle. I'm starting a little business of my own (one of these days I really will be ready to tell you all about it I promise) and while it's crazy exciting, it sure is a lot of work.

All that aside, I really don't plan on making these long gaps between posts a habit. I miss it too much.

I found some red scallions at the local food co-op yesterday. I needed some of the regular green kind for pad thai (will share soon) but these were just too pretty to resist. They are from the nearby Tuscarora Organic Grower's Cooperative in Hustontown, PA.

I hope to find some more gorgeous produce at the farmer's market this weekend.

Aside from browsing for local produce, this weekend I've got a few recipes I'd like to churn out, I plan to get a nice leisurely run in and spend some quality time with my boy and some good friends.

Got any good plans for the weekend?

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