Ready for Oscar Night!

IMG_2268"And the Oscar goes to ..." I guess we'll find out on Sunday won't we?! The Oscars are have become the big deal in the Kurtanich household over the past few years. We tune in live to hear the nominees and then dive into viewing mode. We pride ourselves on bringing some stiff competition to whatever Oscar party we're attending (or hosting). So you'll probably find us filling out a few practice versions of these cute Oscar ballots before Sunday ;-). If you're headed to /hosting an Oscar party, or plan to enjoy the broadcast from the comfort of your snuggie, make it a little more interesting and make your picks ahead of time. I even made a pretty ballot for you, print some out and take them with you. It's a point for every correct prediction and the winner (in addition to bragging rights) could get a couple of movie tickets or $25 theater gift card as a prize to keep the cinema theme going. IMG_2270Download the ballot here.